Administration Management

Towards Enhancing Institutional Effectiveness

Is your School/College experiencing reducing budget and improving accountability? Deficiency of central and properly secured software application? Even though you are using the newest web technology and have complete automatization, you still discover to your shock that there is an absence of incorporation between the different divisions of the institute.

At this juncture of the latest technology trends intersecting with the growth of educational institutes, CyberVidya comes to the rescue. It has come up as a thoughtfully designed architecture by Global Education Limited.

The ERP software concentrates on excellent coordination between one and all, whether internal or external association. It is an innovative software solution to effectively run all programs within the institute while handling, managing, and streamlining all administrative tasks. Some key administrative activities include human resources, student registrations, fee payment, admission, attendance, library automation, and multi-branch tracking. The functions are targeted at offering endless scalability while making e-education ‘A Winning Reality’.

Dashboard to monitor performance
­ Automated and customized reports as per NAAC, NBA, and other agencies guidelines
Boost productivity with optimized staff allocation
Smartly manage administrative and academic activity
­Maintain and update student records at one place
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