Ensuring Accountability & Transparency with Report Management

What comes to the picture with the thought of report management within a school, college, or any other educational institution? Be it any educational institution, records and reports are in abundance when it comes to school administration or campus management. Moreover, the cumulative data inserted within all accounts is massive. And the task to manage such vast data distributed amongst several reports becomes so challenging and tedious. But, CyberVidya brings a solution to the challenge with an assurance of accountability and transparency. 

The ERP school software offer provision for automated report generation in alignment with the needs and requirements.  

Whether there is the need to track performance across various metrics or analyzing real-time data, the report generating functionality of the software proves to be a blessing. A wide array of data reports, including student reports, exam reports, class reports, course reports, transport reports, and admission status reports, are flawlessly managed with customization. Run deeper and get an ‘easy to manage’ world of reports!

Out of the box reporting
­Automated & customized reports for NIRF, ARIIA and other national rankings
Admission status report based on multiple parameters
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