Course Management

Empowering Learning & Development with Effective Course Management

Technology is undoubtedly transforming the educational landscape with the constant integration of innovations, advancements. The trend has shifted from traditional modes of handling and managing all activities within an institute to getting accustomed to technological advances in this digital era. Adding a spark is the course management software that reflects the competence of the school in the landscape.

Here, CyberVidya, with all its functionalities, comes to real-world use as an ERP software. Course management is just one function of the versatile software that has brought forth a meaningful change in the sector. It helps you manage courses in the most effortless manner. You want to integrate a course, track the course requirements, introduce courses for different classes, update the calendar for course start date, and create a customized course for a true learning experience; everything flawlessly managed digitally by one software. To be precise, it comes as an ‘Efficient’, ‘Flexible’, and ‘Paperless’ mode of course management.

­Creation of a course and define the credits, hours and requisites as well as the internal assessment structure
­­Complete support for Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
Flexible grading structure as per the course’s requirement
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