Admission Management

Automating & Streamlining the Admission Procedure

When it comes to educational institutions, the admission process comes forward as a pain in the nerve, with many activities and tasks going on simultaneously. From feeding students’ information to the database to converting leads to admissions, the process is a pure intersection of functions, knowledge, expertise, and tools. At the core of this intersection lies CyberVidya.

CyberVidya is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that aims at making life easy for educational institutes. Making the admission process easier for both staff and students is among our primary aims. And what better way to do it than on a paperless enrollment CRM system that stores all your data in one place?

Admission Management on CyberVidya

There are a bunch of obvious perks of using admissions CRM software to manage an organisation. The first and foremost reason is that it helps you move towards a cloud-based, easy-to-use student enrollment management system. Several educational institutions struggle and have been working for a while to put their house in order. There's a truckload of paperwork to deal with at the time of admissions and finances that are a headache. Then there's human resources management which takes more workforce to be anything close to efficient. All these issues multiply by multiple folds at the time of admissions.

Here's where CyberVidya comes into the picture. Our software has its primary focus on helping education institutions deal with this chaos. And one of our primary features is the enrollment management system.

Create, Transfer and Cancel New Admissions with ease

In the enrollment management system, you get to control your new admissions the way you want. You can create, transfer and cancel admissions at any time. This gives your staff relief from the paperwork that keeps piling upon them during admissions. Furthermore, we help you take the admission process entirely online. This helps attract more students and makes the process easier to complete.

Most of the admissions can be completed using the Pre-Admission Management feature on CyberVidya. This helps you create a process that can sustain change in case there is an issue. Subsequently, you can track every individual admission, which helps in planning and implementation for the future. CyberVidya's ability to manage individual admissions makes it stand out from the rest of the industry.

Maintain and Update Student Records in One Place

Managing paperwork is among the most tedious jobs during the admission process. Also, there are loads of data that have to be put in the right place. But, where do you put all those stacks of paperwork that take weeks to organise?

CyberVidya helps you keep all your data in one place. Subsequently, the data is accessible from multiple devices to multiple stakeholders at the same time. This means you don't have to manage the paperwork anymore and can easily access the data on our software. Also, the fact that CyberVidya is a highly compatible admission management software only adds to the joy.

Assign Roll Number, Class & Faculty Advisor

While the admission process has its headaches to deal with, post-admission isn't any easier. Organising course-wise paperwork and then assigning roll numbers and classes and a faculty advisor to every student sounds like a lot of work. But CyberVidya makes it super easy for you. The admissions CRM software can not only assign roll numbers without much human intervention, but it can also assign classes to students as per their preference. Furthermore, it groups students with the same courses and assigns them a suitable faculty advisor with your input.

CyberVidya cuts down on human resources that will generally be put to work for this. Also, it helps reduce the processing time of admissions which gives students more time to join the classes and get comfortable with their surroundings. Lastly, it makes things so much easier compared to paperwork, where there will be numerous steps to make a change, while our admissions CRM software is very versatile in this regard.

Generate ID Cards & Issue Certificates to Students

Our student enrollment management system does not stop at roll numbers and faculty advisors; it also generates ID cards for students. It also helps you give out certificates to students in the future when you wish to recognise any of their achievements.

ID cards carry a lot of information and are immensely useful to students. CyberVidya enrollment CRM is a platform that will act as the home of your data, making it very easy to generate informative ID cards. The same goes for certificates, for which you can track the progress of your students academically and otherwise. This helps identify the outstanding performers and reward them accordingly. With CyberVidya, you can see every little detail of your students and institution that data can reflect.

What makes CyberVidya the best ERP Software for your Educational Institution?

While there are more things that we can list that make CyberVidya one of the best in the industry, two points make it the best for you.

  • First and foremost, CyberVidya is multi-module software. In simple words, CyberVidya is a software that works on more than one plane. These modules are brilliantly designed to complement each other and work together as a unit. For example, the Pre-Admission Module works exceptionally well with the Admission Module and so on.
  • We help you integrate the CyberVidya ERP software by training your staff to use it the right way. This eliminates the need to hire an expert and cuts down the cost of human resources in the long run.

Free Demo

If you're still sceptical about a move to ERP, CyberVidya is offering a free demo where you can give it a go. CyberVidya's multi-user feature and integration modules save you the pain of getting multiple software to make a move to ERP. Also, with CyberVidya, you won't have to train your staff to use numerous software. CyberVidya sounds like a once in a lifetime deal to us. So what are you waiting for? Book a free demo of the CyberVidya ERP Software now!

­Create, transfer and cancel new admission with ease
­Maintain and update student records at one place
Assign roll number, class and faculty advisor
Generate ID cards and issue certificates to student
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