Exam Management

Ensuring Seamless & Smooth Management of Examinations

What do you feel is the most complicated and challenging task within an educational institute? Conducting and managing exams! Whether you consider room allocation with the optimum student to teacher ratio, creating exam papers for various courses & classes, or calculating & declaring results, the challenges are high with confusion and commotion. Here, CyberVidya comes as salvation.

The comprehensive educational ERP software offers seamless functioning of the exam management process. It covers all the tasks, starting from preparing exams to declaring results through mark sheets or report cards. It also acts as a common platform to drive smooth communication between students, teachers, exam admins, and management.

Moreover, the software is connected to the student database, and this enables the extraction of any required information or categorizes exam papers based on classes, courses, or programs.

With zero errors in pre and post-examination tasks, the software goes way beyond ‘Streamlining, Automating, and Smoothening’ the exam process to give a ‘Sigh of Relief’ to educational institutes.

­Schedule examinations, generate hall tickets and display results
Supports absolute as well as relative grading structures
On-screen grade moderation feature
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