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Ensuring Seamless & Smooth Management of Examinations

Educational Institutes are run with a lot of on and off-campus management. With aspects like admissions, course management, etc., the college management is often caught off guard when it comes to important issues like exams. Exam management can be a real pain if your institution isn’t prepared to put in the hard yards needed to manage the excessive human resources, among other things. This is where exam management software comes into play, as they help ease pressure on the management and organise activities and tasks in a better manner.

CyberVidya ERP is one such software designed to assist institutions in performing several management tasks with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

Ranging from Pre-Admission management to Exam management, CyberVidya is a multifunctional software that helps educational institutions improve their overall performance and satisfaction when it comes to helping students and management. With exam management being a consistent activity in educational institutions, we have integrated a very efficient and consistent exam management system to help your institution. The system not only includes offline but an online exam management system as well. This leaves no room for worry when an institution adopts our approach. Here’s an insight into what the CyberVidya ERP examination management software will help you with:

Schedule Examinations

One of the essential but necessary features offered by CyberVidya ERP Software is that you can schedule examinations. Although scheduling examinations is probably the most basic requirement of conducting exams, this can be tricky. With several batches and classes lined up to take exams, it’s a headache to carve out a schedule that fits everyone’s requirements and distributes the human resources equally.

Since CyberVidya is an ERP based examination management software, it can be accessed by several users and has a straightforward user interface.

Generate Hall Tickets

When conducting exams, generating hall tickets is a headache of its own. With a massive number of students ready to take the test in every session, it’s challenging to create hall tickets and check the eligibility to appear for the exam and factors like registration. Our exam management software takes care of everything but accumulates all the data in one place, which in return, makes it increasingly easy to generate hall tickets. Since CyberVidya can identify students from different batches and fields, it creates hall tickets with little assistance, and the student record is updated at every turn of the process.

The fact that CyberVidya can perform the process faster and efficiently makes it one of the top examination management software available to educational institutions at the moment.

Display Results

CyberVidya’s assistance doesn’t end when the students walk out of the exam hall. Our system helps the institutions manage results as well. Although not in the spotlight very often, releasing results is a very stressful activity for educational institutions. It eats up a reasonable amount of time for everyone in the management. Effects often disturb the balance in the management process, but CyberVidya’s examination management software is speedy and effortless when it comes to recording results. Not only that, but the system also helps incorrectly release the results they are.

Supports Absolute as well as Relative Grading

Some top colleges in India have been paving the way for relative grading in which the students are graded as per the performance of the entire class and not by the value of perfection in the subject. Relative grading is something that will most certainly catch up as time goes on. But, there are a lot of institutions that stick to the sound old absolute grading system, which grades students based on points earned on a personal level.

As relative grading gains popularity, it will be gradually introduced into the system. Therefore, CyberVidya has an excellent system put in place to integrate both absolute and relative grading systems. This helps educational institutions to stay away from the hassle of making different systems for the two.

One of CyberVidya’s standout features is on-screen grade moderation.

Online Examination Management System

CyberVidya is a new age online test management system that helps you schedule and manage offline and online exams. This is a boon for educational institutions that have struggled to conduct examinations online recently. CyberVidya’s excellently fast and all corners covered system allows for smooth planning and conduction of online exams. Therefore CyberVidya is easily among the top online exam management systems.

One-Stop Solution for all your needs

CyberVidya is an all-around software that in no way is limited to exam management. Created by experts from the education industry, CyberVidya has studied the needs of the industry in detail and assessed the problems being faced by institutions to leap to the next level of education. That is why we provide a one-stop solution for Pre-Admission Management, Admission Management, Course Management and Exam Management, among others.

Apart from this, there are several incentives to move your administrative work to CyberVidya, like:
  • You don’t have to worry about an inexperienced staff who might fail to utilise the software because we train your team in several ways to help them use the software efficiently.
  • CyberVidya keeps all your data in one place, which comes in handy when you’re using multiple software modules.
  • Several industries are using ERP software successfully to manage their work.
  • Most students and college staff commonly struggle with things like the admission process and exam management; CyberVidya ERP makes that process far easier compared to before.

Free Demo

If you're still sceptical about a move to ERP, CyberVidya is offering a free demo where you can give it a go. CyberVidya's multi-user feature and integration modules save you the pain of getting multiple software to make a move to ERP. Also, with CyberVidya, you won't have to train your staff to use numerous software. CyberVidya sounds like a once in a lifetime deal to us. So what are you waiting for? Book a free demo of the CyberVidya ERP Software now!

­Schedule examinations, generate hall tickets and display results
Supports absolute as well as relative grading structures
On-screen grade moderation feature
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