Preadmission Management

Benchmarking Technology for Competent Pre-Admission Process

Walking the tech path, you will come across many school management software or ERP software, making inroads into the ecosystem. This software is known to streamline, manage, and automate all the activities of a school, college or any other educational institute with 100% efficiency and accuracy. One such process that requires a deep analysis and consideration is the pre-admission process. And one such ERP software that streamlines and automates the process is CyberVidya.

Do you feel the need to collect students’ information before admission? Do you want to have a fair calculation on the number of admissions to be finalized? Are you looking to create an annual sales report? Then, the ERP software is in your favour.

The software will help ease the pre-admission process. Handling admission forms for different classes and courses, entering details of previous institutes and courses, feeding parents’ details to the database, entering the medical history of students, and managing the application status; all the processes will be at your fingertips. So, get an ‘Effortless’ and ‘Affordable’ ERP software for handling the pre-admission process with ease and effectiveness.

Setup paperless workflow for provisional admissions
­Reminder to follow up on leads
Keep track on admission status and fees payment
Request a call back
Request a call back