Ensure Student Data Security by Implementing College ERP

How to choose the best school management software for your institute?

“Data is the king.” Is very true in today’s date, where the entire world revolves round the data. Data is driving the world and has become of utmost importance.

Data theft is one of the biggest thefts today. This theft majorly involves the stealing of the data and information from the systems of large institutions or company’s data base system and servers. This can be a big risk for the institutions and hence it becomes vital to implement a data security system.

When it comes to student data security it becomes the responsibility of the colleges and the universities to keep the data protected. Managing the large volume of data and keeping it safe in the system is one of the major responsibilities for the colleges where they have a lot of data related to the students.

There is a major data collected in colleges of the students and the staff, regarding the details of student the academic records, business related information, and many more. Let us look at some of the top risks to the data and the ways in which they can be avoided.

Below are listed few of the points that you should know to keep your data safe and the different ways in which the student data security can be done in the right way.

1. Malicious Cyber security Attacks

Cyber security Attacks are one of the common ways in which the security attacks can happen. Sometimes students or employee happen to click on one of the external links and land up on an unwanted page or website that contains virus that cause the malicious activity in your system causing to data theft. There are hackers that send you unknown files to be downloaded in your systems and once you do so your system is in their control and they can access your data easily.

The organization and the college should understand the risk to the data and work on implementing the student data security systems. One way in which the schools and colleges can protect the data is by Implementing College ERP system.

2. Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

Social engineering refers to the practice in which one gets hold of the personal login credentials of someone and use them for the bad practices to breach data. Someone can fool you and get the login to you data and information and then use it for false practices.

To avoid this kind of attacks the colleges need to brief the student and staff not to share any confidential details with anyone who is unknown. Also the institution at its own level and disallow the invasion of any unknown email id logins that seem to be suspected fraud.

3. Unmanaged and Unsafe sensitive data

There needs to be extra care taken while managing the data and sharing it on websites, mobiles or any other means of transfer. There are high chances of the data getting leaked while we transfer it on any of the wired or wireless transfer means.

We can avoid this kind of theft by making use of the college ERP management system and sharing the data only on one cloud where it is protected and the required people can only access it over the cloud.

How Cyber Vidya and Implementing College ERP help you?

Cyber Vidya has brought to you the complete end to end college data management system that is called as the ERP System. This is encouraging all the colleges and universities to get their data secured and theft free. The student information system is highly customized and simplified to be easy to use by the college authorities and the students also. You will definitely get the customized and tailor made solutions to all the college management system.

Get the best College ERP systems installed in your colleges and be tension free from the fear of data theft and malicious cyber attacks. Keep the student data with you in the safe system so that there is no chance of any malware attack.

We provide you the best solutions for managing you student data base and make it easy for them to access. Get in touch with us today and make your data safe from all the thefts.

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