What Is Student Record Management System And What Are Its Benefits?

How to choose the best school management software for your institute?

As the name implies student record management means keeping all the records the paper work of student at one place. It becomes a tough job to keep all the records at place when they are in huge numbers; this is where the student record management systems play an important role.

To simplify the work it is very essential to bring automation in the collection and management of data. This system is designed to track the activity of the students also like the attendance, library records, fees payment record, portal for parent’s interaction and many more.

Let us look at some of the key benefits of student record management system and how it will make the work easy for you. Below are listed few of the benefits in detail.

Admission management system

This system is used to perfectly automate each side of the admission process, from filling up the online and offline application forms, the college or school fee submission, class allotment, and the document submission to complete the admission process.

It helps to collect the data of the student and track the admission process easily. This data can be kept with the institution in easy way in the system for long term till the student completes his education and even after the graduation.

Monitor Online Attendance of students

The student records system give the option to monitor the attendance of the students in the class, here you can keep a track of the number of classes attended by a students. The online classes have increased now a days and hence it becomes important to log the students online attendance in the portal. You can generate the report on monthly or weekly basis. By examining the behavior of the attendance of the students the teachers and the college can take proper action for the same.

Student academic record tracking

The student academic record tracking system is one of the vital feature and benefit of the management system. The most key element is to monitor the performance of the student his or her academic records need to be in place and easy for comparing and analyzing. Throughout the graduation years the academics has to be kept in the place online for the college. Student academic record management system will give you the MIs reports for each student’s performance.

Data Security

Data security is one of the key aspects as there has been a lot of increase in the data theft. The institutes need to be very particular about the safety of the student data base. This student record system will guarantee you the safety of your data as it is completely protected and is safe from the malware attacks. It is saved on the clued system from where only the students and the college authorities can access the data easily. So you don’t need to worry about the security of your confidential data.

Timetable management

It involves operational aspects with the implementation of a student data system. One such feature is managing the timetables for your college or university. With the timetable management feature in the student records system, you'll be able to schedule classes, meetings, appointed lecturers, and other college work automatically at one place.


Cyber Vidya comes with complete solution of student record management system. This is encouraging all the colleges and universities to get their data secured and theft free. The student records system is a customized way of keeping all the data of college and students at one place and with easy access. Also it ensures the complete safety of your data and saves it over the cloud system and make it free from any kind of data theft.

You can make the load of maintaining your college records easy with this system as it provides the best solutions as per your need. Hope the above listed points of benefits have helped you in deciding to get the student record system for your institute.

Cyber Vidya provides you with the most enhanced ways for managing you student data with the automated system.

If you still have queries and need more information feel free to get in touch with us today and get installed with the best student record management system.

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